My Practice Has Relocated To Table View

My practice has been servicing clients in the CBD and in Woodstock and the surrounding suburbs since I started in 2o15 but, after much deliberation, I have decided to close my practice in Woodstock whilst maintaining my current client relationships in the CBD and opening a new branch of my practice in Table View.

The new practice in Table View is situated at the Palm Tree Clinic in Flamingo Vlei. Palm Tree Clinic is an in-an-out patient psychiatric clinic with 15 beds. The clinic is supported by a wide range of psychiatric professionals including occupational therapists, psychiatrists, general practitioners, with the latest addition to the team of professional being myself and the Clinical Psychologist.

In addition to booking sessions with me, my clients are offered the ease of having other professionals that work closely alongside me in cases where other professional assistance or care is required, offered within the same facility on an in-patient or out-patient basis as each situation requires.

Patients that require sessions in the CBD branch can still book sessions with me by contacting me at [email protected]. All other customers can book sessions with me at Palm Tree Clinic by calling 021 556 5255¬†or emailing me on [email protected].

Health Professions Council of South Africa:
Registration number PS 0057843

Board of Healthcare Funders:
Practice number 0580635

Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA)

International Association of Applied Psychology

International Psychology Network