Reflections on my journey going into remission

“One reflects when looking into water. What you see is not just the lines of experience in your face, the depth in your eyes wrought by the thing we want to call life. You also see yourself as you are now, reflecting that which you are experiencing now. You see a future you, the dreams, wishes, desires and fears. You stand against a background of more than yourself, a changing context that blurs – sometimes with your reflection and sometimes seemingly all on its own. And then the water itself adapts that which you see, providing an ever-changing fluidic experience. It all in a larger river of feel, think, remember and being. In reflecting I can offer this picture – a picture I can create as I was given the opportunity to re-discover hope, to re-vision that which I believe I see and feel, new lenses to re-scope. My two MA years was a super boost in a re-new(al) process – that is how I experience my life now. It is maybe apt that some of my more recent dreams reflect the dawn – the beginnings of the renewed sun rising above the murky nutrient rich water.”

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